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Charles Chua

Singaporean photographer Charles Chua was led by a burning passion over 16 years ago and he has never looked back since. This self-taught photographer with a keen sense of observation and armed with the elusive ‘eye’—finally realized his dreams when he set up his studio, A Thousand Words in 2004.


Charles has a strong photographic lighting and compositional skills, He is also very proactive in problem-solving in both technically and creatively, with constant attention to process improvement. Able to work independently and also with others.

Charles has always been managing the crew from Wardrobe Stylist, Hair/Make-up Artist, Camera Assistants, Models/Talents, Casting And location Scouting to Digital Imaging.


Charles specialises in portrait and still life photography, there’s really nothing more he loves than to capture a striking portrait that delivers an insight into the soul and character of a person. After all, a photograph does speak a thousand words.


To Charles, the art of portraiture is best approached with sensitivity and empathy. He is a firm believer that each photograph can create a holistic impression of a person. His amiable personality does help the cause, for it’s with a certain ease and panache that he’s able to connect and draw the best out of his subject. Each photograph is striking, distinctive and driven by an innate understanding of his medium.


While schooled in the traditions of photography, Charles has an in-depth understanding of technical and digital imaging aspects; creating a fantastic workflow to achieve picture-perfection with every photograph.



+65 96411331

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